Project Management & Monitoring

we Be your eyes and independently monitor your projects

With our project management services view your project execution without our eyes. We drive your project success from start to finish and minimize project risks through professional planning and implementation.

Our project management focus is to become one team with you as we drive towards greater project value and results. We manage your project irrespective of you execution models

We believe, every IT project should begin with the end goal in mind — and getting there on time, on budget and on strategy requires skillful management. Throughout the entire process, Qualtab project managers are here to help.

Existing Realities and common problems

  1. More than 90% of project fail- either they are not completed on time, within budget or with desired scope, owing to improper project planning
  2. Long distance relationship with vendors – with time difference and other cultural, sociological issues present a challenge to see the progress
  3. Quality issues- Most developed project are not tested thoroughly and have lot of logical, functional and technical bugs
  4. Documentation and scope management- Most project does not have proper documentation of scope and changes, with now view on traceability, backward and forward integration
  5. Understanding technology- most customers do not understand technology which creates a  huge understanding gap and results in trust issues
  6. Independent consultants- Not having a 3rd eye, Most of the projects do not have a 3rd eyes to independently audit, manage, guid and provide project progress reports
  7. Stakeholder management- With projects having multiple stakeholders, stakeholders engagement, requirement prioritization and delivering value to every stakeholder needs complicates project execution and delivery.

How we help and make difference

  1. Understand the project goals- Understand the project/product goals, narrate functional requirements, wire framing and suggest the best execution model
  2. Help you select the right vendors – provide an objective short-list of market vendors suited for the organization, scored for alignment to needs and maturity
  3. Gain and report complete, transparent visibility of project status to clients
  4. Collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and share context across teams to ensure project success
  5. we help to create an efficient, workable plan to manage budget, milestones, resources and communication — without losing sight of the ultimate outcome you and your stakeholders expect.
  6. Prioritize requirements, stakeholder recommendations and provide a sequenced execution roadmap in alignment with project objectives and goals.
  7. Communication strategy- we establish and develop and smooth and collaborative communication plan for smooth project execution
  8. Ensuring the project remains scalable, manageable with optimum quality.
  9. Global standards- consulting on the introduction or adaptation of project management standards and methods performance of project audits

Our project management services when combined with our Business and Technical analysis and Digital strategy consulting services enables you to be a front runner during the conceptualization, planning and execution phases of the project.

Lets discuss, plan and manage your project .. together!

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