Be vigilant, observe, click or record and let your content reach to the leading news/ media agencies and journalists is a platform which aims at breaking the status quo and redefining the way information (news, audio, video) are exchanged and sold. A revolution in how you sense , feel , record and spread the right content to right people for making the world a better place to live.

How it works !

Information on demand – Any company/organization/NGO/Government department which requires any information for their use, can source the information from registered citizens. For this companies have to follow a simple registration process.

Citizens – We all travel across and lot of incidents, events happen in front of us. Most of time we record and share on whatsapp or any social media for free. Reachout sends the information request to citizens, which are near the particular geolocation and ask them to submit the desired information. The requesting company/organization will buy the content and pay the citizen.

How it helps

Reachout lets to contribute back to the society by letting you unravel societal problem, challenging of them and be an agent.

Allows citizens to earn safely, securely and be more vigilant.

What can you do with reachout !

  • Co policing

    Help police with evidence, police can ask for clues, vital information from citizens, who can contribute in policing and help city to make more safe and secure.

    Example - Police asking people about a stolen vehicle or asking info about a missing person

  • Be source of truth agent of change

    Let the truth surface by sharing the contact from ground “0” and make a difference to the status que. Be the first to let the world know about something which happen in new year and share/ sell it to the people who values it and pays for it.
    Example - share real riots picture, accident videos or any other source of truth from ground 0, which helps in unraveling the truth.

    Buying Example - Aajtak asking for a real time information from laddhak, which their reporters will take time to reach, or if you want to sell a beautiful safari video from your holiday to discovery channel.

  • Share happiness and moments of joy

    Let the fun movement reach, spread to larger evidence, even from the remotest corner.

    Example - seeing an actor on street or at airport, share it with the people who value and buy the information. You can share the joy with just one click on a variety of social media apps.

  • Contribute to right person

    If you feel something important needs to be spoken about, share it with your favorite journalist with one click.

    Example - if you want to share any information to any of the newspapers/media agencies, you can do it with one click in anonymous or non-anonymous mode.

Bringing a social change

Be vigilant, observe, click or record and let your content reach to the leading news/ media agencies and journalists. Richout lets you to record things that matters around you and ensure that it reaches to the right people who value it . And yes pay for it

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